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The Party Favorite

Ring Pop® has been a party favorite for over 45 years, and we’re excited about  keeping the party going with a delicious flavor for everyone. So sweeten up all your occasions and special moments by celebrating with Ring Pop®.

A History of Ring Pop

  • 1977

    Ring Pop®, the iconic candy gem ring, launches with Strawberry and Grape flavors. These legendary fan-favorite flavors are produced in the Ring Pop® plant located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  • 1981

    Memorable to fans all over, our Ring Pop® commercial appears on television screens with the famous line, “It’s a lollipop, without a stick! A ring of flavor you can lick!”

  • 2000

    Ring Pop® Twisted launches, featuring a swirl of favorite flavors in one twisted taste.

  • 2013

    Ring Pop® introduces its first gummy product with the launch of Ring Pop® Gummy Rings and Ring Pop® Gummy Chains.

  • 2015

    Ring Pop® goes beyond just sweet, launching Ring Pop® Sours.

  • 2016

    Ring Pop® Mysteries brings a surprise to the party.

  • 2017

    Ring Pop® Tongue Painters introduces an extra splash of color.

  • 2018

    Ring Pop® Freeze brr-ings the cold.

  • Inspired by our signature gem shape, Ring Pop® launches Ring Pop® Gummy Gems. Ring Pop® Gummy Gems is a new candy with a sweet gummy outside and a drop of sour gel on the inside, that’s a unique 2-in-1 candy experience.

  • 2020

    Ring Pop® Tropicals adds a new wave of flavors.

  • 2022

    Ring Pop® celebrates its 45th anniversary with celebrity bakers and a BIG Birthday Contest.

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