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  • Where are Bazooka Candy Brands candy and gum products made?

    Our products are manufactured around the world. See information on where each of our products are produced in the individual product pages that can be accessed in the links below.

  • Where can I buy products?

    Our products can be purchased at major retailers and specialty stores nationwide. Retailers include Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Walgreens, 7-11 and more! You can also click here to BUY NOW.

  • Does Bazooka Candy Brands ever donate product to charitable organizations?

    Bazooka Candy Brands does donate product to a variety of charitable organizations, but we do not process requests from individual organizations for product donations.

  • I have a commercial idea or a product idea. Who do I call?

    Thanks for thinking of us! Because of legal considerations we are not able to accept ideas from our consumers, but we do appreciate your enthusiasm.

  • How do I get nutritional and ingredient information for Bazooka Candy Brand candy and gum products?

    You can find allergen information for each of our individual products in the document here. For detailed nutritional and ingredient information, you can visit the individual product pages in the links below. For ingredient information please call 1-888-204-4124.

  • Can I recycle the Bazooka Candy Brands packaging?

    We have partnered with How2Recycle to provide transparent recycling information. Some of our products are recyclable – check out our brand product pages for more detailed information!

  • How do I contact Bazooka Candy Brands for general information?

    Phone: 1-888-204-4124


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