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Ring Pop® “Catch The Gem” Fishing Game

We don’t know about you, but we’re always dreaming about a summer afternoon spent fishing with the family. But we don’t always have the time, or access to a stretch of water. So, we’re bringing a great afternoon of fishing to you and your kids at home, so you can reel in a great catch anytime with our Ring Pop® “Catch the Gem” Fishing Game. With just a little help from you, your kids can make a fishing pole that “catches” Ring Pop lollipops.

Putting the game together is a cinch and all the materials can be easily found at your local craft and hardware store. Better yet, once you’ve created all the parts of this fun activity, your kids can use the pieces to play over and over again, for endless fun! So, let’s get started by making our fishing pole!

Everything you’ll need:

  • 8 Inch Wooden Dowel
  • 1 small eye screw
  • Awl/Sharp tool/or Screw
  • Small metal washer
  • Butcher String or Twine
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive Magnets
  • Ring Pop Party Pack

Step 1: Twisting the eye screw into the dowel—is a little tricky for little hands, so should be done by a parent. To attach the eye screw use an awl, screw or sharp tool to start a hole in one end of the wooden dowel. This should make it easier to start and twist in the eye screw.

Step 2: Now the kids can take over, so let’s fix the line! Have your kids measure out and cut 24 inches of string or twine, whichever you choose to use. Then they can tie one end of the string to the eye screw.

Step 3: On the other end of the string, attach the metal washer with a simple knot.

And just like that, your kids have a fishing pole!

Next, test out your magnets, ensuring you’re picking ones that magnetize to the metal washer at the end of your string. Find six that magnetize correctly, and stick each onto a Ring Pop package. And now you have your “fish”!

To play the “Catch the Gem” Fishing Game, spread your Ring Pop “fish” on the floor or in a container and try to catch your favorite flavor. Pass around the pole and see if everyone can catch their favorite Ring Pop!  For another way to play, you can make “Catch the Gem” a timed game, and see how many gems each player can pick up in 30 seconds.


We hope you and your kids have fun together fishing with Ring Pop!

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