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Ring Pop® Bachelorette Party

Before you pop on the ring and say “I Do!”, celebrate the last fling with Ring Pop! Our Ring Pop® Bachelorette Party brings the party inspo you need to throw an epic bash for the beautiful bride-to-be.

To kick-off the bachelorette, make sure you pick- up a Ring Pop Party Pack for welcome gift bags and party festivities.

Get the party started with fabulous accessories! From Ring Pop in everyone’s favorite flavors, to heart sunglasses and matching t-shirts, creating cute looks the group can wear together makes the bachelorette all the more memorable.

Get all the girls to get ready together! Do make-up and hair at a big table. Play your favorite party playlist and have fun!

For a party game, make signs that say “Her” and “Him”. Prior to the bachelorette party, ask the bride and groom a series of questions about their habits, like “who’s more likely to order take- out?”, or “which partner is the better gift giver?”. Give a set of signs to each guest, and ask the questions to the group, with everyone guessing “Her” or “Him”.

Have the best time together with Ring Pop, the must-have accessory for bachelorettes!

We hope this Bachelorette Party inspires how you celebrate memorable moments with friends and family!

Share your party fun with Ring Pop® with #RingPopPartyInspo

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