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Ring Pop® Toppers

To make gift-giving more special, add sweet Ring Pop® Toppers touch! Each Ring Topper has a sweet note with a fun colored ribbon that makes any present more memorable. It’s easy to make, and takes any wrapped gift over-the-top for a sweet surprise everyone will love. Thank you @kelseyklos

Everything you'll need:

  • Ring Pop® 20 Ct Party Pack
  • Gift Box
  • Gift Wrap
  • Ribbon (2 different kinds; 1 for Gift Box and 1 for looping Ring Pop treat)
  • Note Card
  • Hole Punch

Here are the easy steps:

Step 1: Gather all the materials needed. Wrap the gift box in your chosen gift wrap.

Step 2: After your gift is wrapped and ready to go, grab a Ring Pop® pack from the Party Pack. Pick your favorite flavor Ring Pop®, the gift recipient’s favorite flavor, or a flavor to match your gift wrap…it’s up to you! Then use the hole punch to make a hole in the corner of the Ring Pop® pack. Also, punch a hole in the corner of your note card or greeting card.

Step 3: With the thinner ribbon connect the Ring Pop® pack and greeting card together. Thread the ribbon through the two holes and tie.


Step 4: Attach the other ribbon to your gift. Then fasten the thinner ribbon to the gift ribbon by tying it on with a simple knot and your sweet gift is complete! Then share with that special someone!


Catch more details on this fun craft by joining craft creator @kelseyklos for a behind the scenes look.


Share your gifting fun with Ring Pop® with #RingPopPartyStarters!

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