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Ring Pop® Treasure Hunt

Try the Ring Pop® Treasure Hunt to transform an ordinary day into something super memorable and sweet! This fun-filled treasure hunt involves colorful clues that can be discovered alone or with a sibling/ friend for a fun game for everyone! Thank you @stylishlystella

Here are the easy steps:

Step 1: Print out the free printable treasure cards.


Step 2: Cut out each card carefully with scissors.

Step 3: Hide each clue card in the corresponding spot outlined in each clue. You can do this inside or outside if the weather is nice!


Step 4: Challenge the kid(s) to race around to find the Ring Pop® lollipops. To up the ante, give each player a time limit to add another level of excitement!

We hope you enjoy this fun Ring Pop® Treasure Hunt! It’s great for friends and family to have the best time together!

Share your sweet adventures with Ring Pop® with #RingPopPartyStarters

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