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Ring Pop® Tie-Dye Butterfly

To welcome Spring in style we created this Tie-Dye Ring Pop Butterfly using the Ring Pop Party Pack!
Thank you @mariasjsanchez for the creative idea!

Everything you'll need:

Step 1: To tie-dye the coffee filter paper you simply need to create a design on the paper with markers and then spray your paper lightly with water. Let it dry and then it’s ready to use!


Step 2: Once you have your dry tie-dye paper, start by folding it in a zig zagging pattern.

The end result should look like this!

Step 3:For the next step, you will need to add the pipe cleaner to the middle to secure your butterfly. Tip: for larger butterflies, glue two coffee filters together.


Step 4: Expand your folded paper by stretching the folds.


Step 5: Secure your butterfly to the base of your Ring Pop with a dot of glue and hold for five seconds.

And there you have it! A colorful, fun and delicious Ring Pop Tie-Dye Butterfly!

Share your beautiful Tie-Dye Ring Pop Butterfly fun with Ring Pop® with #RingPopPartyStarters!

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